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0-0-1-3 is an alcohol abuse prevention program developed in 2004 at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in 2004 based on research by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism regarding binge drinking in college students. The program served as the model for the Air Force's Culture of Responsible Choices (CoRC) program. A 0-0-1-3 program was also implemented by the senior administration of the United States Naval Academy in response to a string of alcohol-related incidents that generated a large amount of negative publicity during the 2005-2006 school year. Its primary aim there is to "promote responsible alcohol use" within the brigade of midshipmen, which it accomplishes by rendering the consumption of alcohol for recreational and social purposes virtually impossible.

Explanation of the name

File:Breathalyzer test 0013.png

A Midshipman is subjected to a random breathalyzer test

0-0-1-3 stands for:

  • 0 underage drinking offenses
  • 0 drinking and driving incidents (DUI's)
  • 1 drink per hour
  • 3 drinks per occasion

The three drink cap is the part of 0-0-1-3 that has contributed the most to its massive unpopularity among the brigade, as it is designed to ensure that no midshipman is able to achieve a blood alcohol content level above the Maryland legal driving limit of .08.


While the senior leadership at the Academy insists that 0-0-1-3 is only a guideline for responsible alcohol use, its enforcement involves mandatory breathalyzer tests for all midshipmen regardless of age or rank.[citation needed] Those found in "violation" of 0-0-1-3 (evidenced by having a BAC above .08) are placed on record as having alcohol abuse issues, and repeat offenders are subject to severe administrative conduct action.

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